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A journal of our Proceeding Nove'br ye 3th 1699

In obediance to Command we the subscribers sett out of the Inhabitance towards the Indian ffort and that night we lay at the suggerland. On the ffourth day about two a Clock we gott to the River [illegible] oppisett to the ffort & there hollered & Immediately they answerd: they seme to us to be a great ffright: At last one of the great men & one Siniker came out to us: they asked if they was noe nore of us: and told them noe: and asked them for a Canaeu they told us they had none soe we ventured to Ride into the Island: and passed over very well: the Emperor and his Indians receved us very kindly: & caried us into the ffort: there is of them about Thirty men: their ffort is slender. they pretended to be in great ffeare of strange Indians: wee asked them what Indians: the told us Wittowas: Wee asked them if they had seene any latly: & they told us some of their women had seene Tenn: that Kild one of theire Indians and [illegible] anothers head: wee asked the Emporor if any of his Indians had beene any great March this Summer he told us noe: only he himselfe & some of his men had beene out towards the grat Mountains twice to see for the strange Indians but could not see any of them: he told us that Suscahannes had taken two of them & brought them to his ffort: he asked what nation they weare: and they told him Wittowees - he told us his men had beene out and mett with tow of them & Kild one of them Cut off his head & brought it to him. Wee asked him if he was not afraid to live there: he told us ues: but could not helpe it he said he could willing come to live amonst the English again but that he was afeard the strange Indians