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I received your letter of the 2nd. August this morning my dearest mother. I had been anxiously expecting to hear from you for it takes a letter such an [age?] to arrive here that is old before it [comes]. I think Mrs. Jamison has now misinformed concerning Mr. Miller I saw him the day he left here & he had gone to visit his friends. for the first time since his removal here & told me that any letter or package sent to Williams the silver smith who lives in Washington not far from Godsey's he would take charge of with pleasure & even said he would ride over to Arlington if he had time so that he could have had no idea of returning immediately the things I wrote for are of no immediate consequence so do not trouble yourself about them. I am afraid that money must turn out like the cruse of oil to answer all the purposes to which it is appropriated but you know there will be more forth-coming soon. I am told you like my portion better I did not like letter of them