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security, this loan he could not have made upon the fourth of the property, the sd Johnson, then in possession of in as much as he and his brother George had gone [to?] [court?] in Nov. 1822 and took the Oath of [illegible] Debtors, then was the Record and William Richards and all the other Creditors did know [claims/] your respondent the sd. Benjamin [Reedy?] positively denies having ever given to either of his sons John and George any slave or slaves or any personal property whatever, except a horse or two, to each and perhaps a feather bed and a few very trifling [illegible], not worth naming. The sd Benjamin acknowledges that he has suffered his [P. sons] John & George to reside in his house for several years, and the P. Benjamin asks the question of your honor, has he not the right to [illegible] his sons or any individual to occupy his land or any property he has, without subjugating the sd. Benjamin to the payment of occupants. Dobbs - your Respondent the P. Benjamin, believes that his neighbors; were well acquainted with those circumstances, and if they were foolish enough to loan money & credit John & George without first examining the office & knowing these little to be good and in them only, they ought to look to them alone for it, as it would be extremely hard & unjust to subject the