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Woodlawn November 28th My darling Child. I came down here on Friday and found Mr. Lewis though extremely thin walking and riding about with a good appetite and spirits Sister Lewis is also well and looks much better than when she first came to Arlington she bears her separation from Angela wonderfuly well. she occupies herself in working worsted I think she has worked about seven pr at least of cloth and merino slippers for little Charley and has just finished a pr for Angela to be sent out by Mr. Dangerfield who is going to New Orleans soon. She begins a pr to day for Mr Conrad but will hardly be able to finish them before Mr. D goes. The old place though still beautiful is very much out of order and looks comparatively desolate. Lorenzo and Esther are to come down about Christmas and remain the winter and will I hope pay me a visit. Lorenzo wished his Parents to spend the winter with them but they preferred being here. Sister Lewis expects to do untold work this winter table covers ottomans for her children Dogs and Cats and Lions for her Grand children she has a beautiful collection of patterns. The day before I left home your Papa and I were walking out about two o Clock to the old [illegible] round which we planted the ivy (and round which he has just now commenced carrying the fence) when your packet by the Canefield was presented by the market man - you are still not without hope well I am almost afraid to cherish it. When Angela left us she expected to go by Wheeling but after getting beyond Cumberland the accounts of the low state of the river obliged them to return to Baltimore and take the steamboat in Charleston - They suffered very much from Seasickness and if it had not been for Miss Duncan's maid the boy would have had no nurse as Fairfax was completely laid up as well as her master & mistress. Miss Duncan is a Sister of one of Mr C's Brothers wives. She had been