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Chief Engr RB Hine
Chief Engr RB Hine
[Random calculations on page vertically]
calculations on page vertically]

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[penciled on top] VA 362.5097.5552 fy Gift 7/27/82 copy 1

Jordans pigs on the 16 of Nov. 1890. Commence housing sweet potatoes on 2 of Nov. 1890. Raised three cart bodies full of ptotatoes 25 bushles of slips. Saved eight bushles of black peas. Raised trenty pumpkins. Finished housing corn on the 20th of Nov. Raised 22 cart bodies full of corn. December 5th 1890 Sylvester delivered 16 cds wood Brooks " 9 " " Commenced Planting Potatoes Feb 25th 1896 Finished " 27th 1896

Primary Election April 1891 1st Day

 Overton 659
 Finley 378
 Benson  241
 Edwards  147

Overton's majority over Finley 281

2nd Day

 Overton 854
 Finley  580

Overton's Majority 274

Election April 24/95 Overton 981 Reed 457

John E. Overton Quintard Iron Works New York City USA c/o Chief Engr RB Hine

calculations on page vertically]