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23 REPORT OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE, PORTSMOUTH, VA., July 1st, 1886. Hon. J. Thompson Baird, Mayor: DEAR SIR: I have the honor to submit the following as my report of the operations of the Police Department for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1886: CLASSIFICATION OF ARRESTS. Drunk and disorderly 77. Disorderly conduct 80. Carrying concealed weapons 7. Drunk and asleep in the streets 53. Drunkenness 16. Petit larceny 62. Assaults 112. Fighting 55. Fast driving 5. Felony 9. Committing a nuisance 19. Obscene language 27. Cruelty to animals 2. Violation of City Ordinances 93. Violation of City License Tax Bill 9. Desertion from U.S.N. 26. Disorderly houses 1. Capias pro fine 5. Trespassing 11. Insanity 8. Carried over 677. Brought over 677. Vagrancy 15. Breach of the peace 3. Interfering with officers 5. Contempt of court 3. Indecent conduct 3. Bigamy 2. Fraud 4. Homicide 1. Desertion of family 5. Seduction 1. Adultery 1. Asleep in the street 2. Resisting officers 2. Violation of State Revenue Law 1. Peace warrant 1. Suspicious characters 3. Shooting a pistol in the street 1. Prison breaking 3. Tramps 77. Total 810. During the year twenty-six (26) stores were found open and properly secured. You will observe from the above statement that there were seven hundred and thirty-three arrests during the year (tramps not included), which is average of two per day. This, considering the population within our jurisdiction, speaks well for the morality of our city. The police force, as at present constituted, will compare favorably in moral qualifications and physical ability with that of any city in the Union. Very respectfully, F.T. TYNAN, Chief of Police.