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25 gest that a Sweeping Machine be purchased to be used in the paved streets of the City, and a sufficient force be employed at all times to keep the streets in a Sanitary condition.

SEWAGE. The present system of sewage has already proved of great benefit to our City, with the exception of one estate, every piece of property in the First Ward has been connected with the sewer.

CONTAGIOUS DISEASES. We would call your special attention to the low ratio of mortality during the year, of the one hundred and seventeen (117) cases of contagious diseases occurring, there was but one death, and that from Diphtheria.

MARKET. From a Sanitary standpoint, the City market demands immediate attention; in the meat market the Sewer is broken and cannot be used, and the odor arising therefrom is very offensive. The vegetable market building is almost ready to collapse, the floor has settled and the pavement is badly broken. We would suggest that the present building be condemned and a new building erected with granolithic floor, higher in the middle and slight slanting towards the sides; the Hucksters' stands should be raised at least six inches form the pavement, so that the whole place may frequently be washed out with the hose.

MARSHES AND DRAINS. We would call your attention to the drain beginning at the intersection of Fourth and Fayette Streets and would suggest that the same be completed and filled up as early as possible; also the drain that formerly drained Washington street from London to the water should be filled.

THE JAIL. The City Jail has been inspected by the Board of Health, and is in a good Sanitary condition, the walls are kept white-washed, the cells cleaned regularly, but the sewerage is bad and should be replaced with new fixtures.

Your attention is called to the accompanying reports of its Sanitary Inspector and Health Officers, and the general financial statement for this department.

Yours respectfully, E.L. LASH, President Board of Health.