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1691 The Publiq is Dr [debtor]

To my selfe & 2 Indians per 8 months servis haveing made 2 Ranges [after?] ye 15th: of 9br [November] being don Before I received any ord'r to [Desist?] on ye said 15th: of November [illegible] Tob.[tobacco] without Caske lb 523[6?]

To ye owners of ye Indians horses being 5 months [illegible] servis at 85 lb Tob & caske per month per each horse is in [Tob.] without Caske 864

To 11 Soulders per 8 months servis being 216 lb tob. without Caske is allowed 23826

per Tob: remaining in my hands 692

Received of Capt Joseph [ffoster?] high sherriffe of New Kent County } 30620

per me Tho: Smith:

1692 The Publiq:e is D.r

To my selfe for being in actuall servis from ye first of March to ye 15:th of this prsent month of 9:ber is 8 months & 1/2 at ye rate of 5000 lb of Tob & Cask per yeare is in Tob without Caske at ye rate of 450 lb per mo. } 3825 lb

To 11: Souldiers per 8 months & 1/2 in actuall servis at ye rate of 3000 lb: of Tob & Caske