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T.E. Draws Scranton, Ca.

John L. Sullivan S 2/c 72 South Street Newburgh, N.Y.

Floyd Seriras S 2/c Cicero, N.Y.

Miles Ward Greer S 2/c New York City

Kenneth Manson 929 Smith St. Toledo, Ohio

Mrs. J. Gordon Sier 2112 Linwood Blvd. Kansas City, Mo.

Charles N. Cooke Pho. M. 1/c 8431 Maryland Ave. Chicago, Ill.

Jack Krelnwich Phm. 3/c 2290 North Point St. San Francisco Calif.

Dr. J. H. Worley Asheville N.C.

John D. Nobler E.M. 2/c Gary, Ind.