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Dr. Am. C.. Aycoff [illegible] Ph. M. 1/c USNR 3418 Powell St. Memphis, Tenn.

May with us. Bady sick.

James B. O'Rourker 3289 Park Ave. Bronx, New York

Drew J. Thomas Ph. M. 2/c 29D Enfield Apartments Elizabeth City, North Carolina Daughter age 2

Deft. 5,'44 Mr. and Mrs. Rosy O. Sneen Ph. M. 2/c 25-26 No. Kedgie Blvd. Chicago, 47, Illinois

Lyt. 10,1944 Eno. and Mrs. R. B. Sheppard 1446 North 39th St. East St. Louis Illinois

Mrs. B. [illegible] Ofallourd

Canton, W.C. Route #1

Mrs. George Scully 4500 N. Sheridan Rd. Peoria, -Ill. Monticello Hotel Rm #471

F. A. Boggitt Odmea sold [illegible] stoks Craxton, Ga.

Lt. and Mrs. W.E. Mabrey Buffalo N.Y.