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Dr. Paul J. Shackelford Oklahoma City, Okla.

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred T. Nelson 152 Oaklee Village Balto Md.

George E. Sherman 75 W Chicago Ave. stay in [Grandmas?] room Roselle Ill.

John E Donovan (Town Hall Arlin)gton 362 Fuelton St. Mass. Medford 55 Mass. My. 5251 N.

work at the Hospital Mrs. Edith Turner and son Robert 209 Howbert Ave, Roanoke, Va.

Howard S. McCullough, Md. Lt. USMCR 503 Duncan Avenne; Macon, Georgia

Capt. & Mrs. Wm C. Chip USM 108 Phillips Place New Castle, Pa.

Mrs. Hinton room very sick brother Mary, Elaine, and Daisy Torch 1385 Riverside Dr., Cleveland, O.

Waiting for some ovr. sea Mrs. Richard H. Baker 3102 Cove Road Pennsauken, N.J.

gave me a very pretty pair [iillegible] glove Dr. & Mrs. Wilson G. Scanlon Mantua (Portsmouth Tele. number: 6372 - W Ohio

The Elwood J. O'Brien Family 1945 3309 Grand Ave. Minneapolis, Minn.