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6/19/45 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. W. Moore, Jr. Bill and Taffy Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia

7/19/45 Joseph J. Keenan (Chaplain USNR) 543 Bridge St. Lowell, Mass.

son in 1 main, going to [illegible]

J.H. Stissheus Bonifay R. 3 Tela.

6/18/45 Bernard J. Tierney Chaplain stay with us 1303 East High Ave. Youngstown, Ohio

Robert L. Suter 1801 Orthodox St. Phila., Pa.

1/12/46 St. George Janiszoski 448 Sherman St. Buffalo, New York

Rudy Conway 703 East 4th Street Willmar, Minn.

stay with us

Dr. Thomas N. Quilter 1209 Waverly Rd. Sandusky, Ohio