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stay with us Dr. Michael J. O'Brien P.O. Box 5 Howard, R.I.

John W. Bell Jr. 3031 Duncan St. Columbia, South Carolina

Mary E. Heffernan Dr. OBrien 1051 Katherine St. Augusta, Ga.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm H Comte Dr. Quilter Capt Wm H Comte Father in Law 625 Coleman St. stay with us Toledo, Ohio

Mrs. Horace J. Cary 602 W. 27th Kearney, Nebraska Mother of Lt. jg Jack Cary Jack sick ove Hospital {K. Margo?] friend

Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Drew 30 Boush Street Kittery, Maine [illegible] Chif. who work with [illegible] Aug 27 1946

Lt. & Mrs. W. H. Blount 730 Barrett Pl. Memphis, Tenn. Feb. 5 - 4792

Miss Viola Wilson - Wheelus 73 Beeden Rd. Westport, Mass.