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stay with us

Dr. Michael J. O'Brien P.O. Box 5 Howard, R.I.

John W. Bell Jr. 3031 Duncan St. Columbia, South Carolina

Mary E. Hefferman Dr. OBrien 1051 Kachermie St. August, Ga.

Mr. and Mrs. [illegible] Dr. Owither [illegible] Fathe in [illegible] 625 Coleman St. stay with us Toledo, Ohio

Mrs. Horace J. Cary 602 W. 27th Kearney, Nebraska Mother [illegible] Jack Cary

Jack sick ove Hospital R. many friend

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Drew 30 [Brish?] Street Kittery, Maine

[illegible] Chif. who work with [illegible] Aug 27 1946

Lt. and Mrs. W. H. Blorent 730 Barrett Pl. Memphis, Tenn. Feb. 5 - 4792

Miss Viola Wilson - Wheelus 73 Beeden Rd. Westport, Mass.