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stay with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. B. Willingham 1026 E. Ward St. Douglas, Georgia

Mr. and Mrs. Arlene E. Chilton Princess Anne, Va. R.I. 76

a [illegible] a place a little girl

Baplain and Mrs. Thomas James Branghaus 44 Highbury Rd., Kelburn Wellington, New Zealand

Mr. and Mrs. Albtert B. Giknis 94 L Street Turners Falls, Massachusetts

Richard Troutman Troutman M.D. 4045 Kenny Rd. father E.W. Columbia, Ohio

Alexander [illegilbe] c/o E. Brady Drive-in-Theatre Equipment Co. 2130 Superior Ave. Cleveland 14, Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Tenen 1333 14 N. Street Huntington W.N. phone 6368