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20. (a) Please indicate in the space below in the order of your competence (beginning with your major field of competence, then your secondary field, etc.) not more than five of the fields in which you have chiefly specialized. The fields are identified by the 5-digit number symbols which follow each field of specialization enumerated on the attached Technical Check List. For each field so selected and indicated below, place a check in the appropriate box at the right of each line to indicate the amoun of time spent by you in that special field. Number Symbol of Special Field of Competence (See Attached List) Less than 1 Year 1 to 2 Years 2 to 3 Years 3 to 5 Years 5 Years or More 1. Construtction 40.7.50 2. Surveying 40.5.60 3. Buildings 40.0.76 4. Bridges 40.0.60 5. Railroads 40.0.08 (b) The Technical Check List also includes a list of "functions" indicating work status. Please select from this list the one item which most nearly describes the work that you now do. Indicate in the following space the number symbol of the item selected.........40.7.50 (c) List any capacities in which you are now serving in war work Railroad Construction, Coordinator Civilian Defense City of Portsmouth Va.

21. (a) With what committees or other organizations having charge of the direction or control or important research undertakings have you been identified?


(b) Give the full title and address of the laboratory or other research organization (if any) with which you are noe identified. This information should be given in such a way that it can be used in compiling a list of the active research laboratories and organizations of the country:

22. List important professional societies, if any, in which you hold membership. If there is more than one class of membership be sure to indicate your proper classification: Hampton Rhodes Engineering Club

23. In what fields and in what way do you consider that you could be of special service to the Government? Fields: Construction Remarks:

IMPORTANT 24. (a) Because of the total war effort, it is imperative that the Roster have in its files complete information concerning availability for service of professional and scientific personnel of the Nation. Indicate in the appropriate spaces below the approximate annual salary at which you would be available for war work.

                                       Full-time Salary    Part-time Salary    Consulting Salary   Not Available

In Washington, D.C. $10,000.00 No $ 5,000.00 In your present locality $ 7,000.00 $4,000.00 $ 2,000.00 In any other locality $ 8,000.00 No $ 3,000.00 (b) Describe any other conditions which should be considered in connection with the availability you have indicated above: (c) What is your present Selective Service Classifacation if any? Order No. (d) Give the name or number, and address of your local board. Board No. 1 Commercial Bank Bldg. Portsmouth, Va.

Aug. 20th 1943

      (Date)                (Signature)

Please advise this office immediately of any change in your current situation. U.S. Government Printing Office 10-16797-2