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11. Foreign travel and residence: (Indicate specifically and significant foreign experience you have had. Do not include short pleasure trips.10

    Country and subdivisions (use official name as of 1935)
    Dates of travel or residence
    Purpose and nature
    Please attach an additional sheet if more space is required to indicate your foreign travel.

12. Name three individuals, mainly responsible for the intimate direction of your professional work or training, or who are competant to judge your present professional ability. Give the official titles and full addresses of these individuals and the institutions or establishments with which they are connected:

   Dean of Engineering NC. State College Raleigh NC. 
   W.D. Faucette Chief Engineer SAL Ry 6 Norfolk, Va. 
   Auther S. Owens City Manager City of Portsmouth, Portsmouth Va.

13. (a) Give, in the blanks below, a statement of your college or university education: Name and Location of School When Attended (Month and Year) From- To- Major Department of Study Degree Conferred Title Date Honors (Specify, if any) Undergraduate college: Graduate or professional school (if working for degree which has not yet been obtained, indicate amount of work completed): 1903 1908 Civil Engineer B.E. 1908 Other: (b) Honorary academic or scientific societies (i.e., Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, etc.)

14. (a) Professional field: In what particular professional field are you engaged in at present? If in a specialized branch of a field please so indicate. (Examples: Civil engineer, structural; Aeronautical engineer, design; Chemist, organic.)

     Construction Engineer

(b) Do you consider the above to be your principal field? Yes No If "No" please specify your field.

15. In addition to your main field or fields of professional specialization as indicated on the attached Technical Check List, specify and professional or semiprofessional occupations or other skills you have acquired through study, hobbies, construction of instruments, etc. (for example photography, aviaiton, public speack, cryptanalysis, etc.):

   Occupation or Skill    Describe Work or Study
Civil Engineering    Railroad Resident Engr. Drafting
Construction           Railroad Municipal and General Construction
Estimating              General Apprasels and Estimating

16. List your principal contributions in the form of publications, inventions, and patents, etc.:


17. Describe any research or other special work which you now have in progress and indicate any disadvantage to such research which would result in the event that you were called upon to serve the Government:

18. List and briefly describe and special scientific or professional apparatus or other mechanical devices which you are competant to use:

    Engineering Instuments and Construction Equipment