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Hazel Schaefer Columbus, Indiana

[March 5, 1943]

Wilbert Newton Young   Ward 54 

Fairview Village Montg. Co. Pa

Martin T. Leahy Jr. New Orleans, La. Ward - 7-2

Richard M. Sharp Kingsport, Tenn Mike Felty 522 Capital Ave Frankfort, Ky

Joseph [Pohlod?] 210 Eagle St Akron, Ohio

John D. Trawick, Jr. 293 Pinchell [M.D.?] Louisville, Ky.

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Adams, Jr. 26 Dixie Blv Delray Beach, Fla

Harold [J?] Porter Staff Hospital George I. Dito 7128 Gillespie Ct. Philadelphia, Pa

Mrs. C. M. Due Vivian, La. P.O. Box 465