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Frank Valentine 1855 Bogart Ave. Bx. Mrs. Gordon Pugh 1018 S. 30th St. San Diego, Calif Charles W. Uhler mm 2/2 - Lebanon, Ind. Wayne F. Turner HA 1/c Hamilton, Ohio 1815 So. Derexa Drive Fordsome Height

Granville N. Bressler HA 2/2 Alden, Kansas

G. W. Callas PtM 3/c USN 613 Church St, Bowling Green, Ky.

C. W. Bradford Pharmacist 344 North High St Harrisonburg, Virginia

Mrs. Robert Holden 9514 Leo Ave Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Charles W. Trader 209 Broadway, Crisfield, Md.

B. L. Lindquist 906 Perry Street Davenport, Iowa