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Archer Glebeman 2640 Davidson Ave. Bronx. New York City

Elihn Sternoff 1843-65th St Brooklyn. N.Y.

Alphonso Fasanor 126 Richards Pl. West Haven, Conn.

Alvina M. Roth 2489 Gate St. Cincinnati Ohio

Elmer D. Parsons R.R. #3 Lexington Ky.

Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Commack and daughter, Florence, 6 May Court West Hempstead. L.I. N.Y.

Wm. B. Owyer 77 Main St. Ridgefield Park N.J.

Jason Hughes PhM 2/c. Valdese, N.C.

Milton J. Cooperman Ph M 3/c 491 E. 94 St. Brooklyn, N.Y.