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Lt. (7:9.) and Mrs. R.A. Phillips 1808 Queen's Lane Arlington, virginia Mr. and Mrs. James E. Johnstone 261 Stewart Ave. Kearny, New Jersey

Mrs. helen Pfeiffer with Annie Keville 810 Floyd Ave Rome N.Y.

J.M.{Bauentiue?] 961 Meigs St. Augusta, Ga Norfolk House Hospital (Pharmacy Debt.)

Mipron N. Abier Harvley Par. Present and 430 No. Webster Ave Scranton Pa.

Juan B Staggoord, Crassnore, N.C. for Mrs. Stafford

Robert M. Fern - 3554 Dekalb Ave, Bx. N.Y.

Maurice Roseufeld - 536 N. Irving Ave, Scranton

Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Brown 39 Preston Drive Cranston, Rhode Island, stay with Ms. Mrs. W. W. Howell Elon College, N.C.

Mrs. Alton Wright 100 Lancaster ST. Cohoes New York Mrs. Smith Dot