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C. Harisloer 1878 Lexington Ave N.Y.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Davidsen Columbia, Tennessee

Mr. Ehmer K. Armstrong West Pittston Pa.

Mrs. Charles E. Thaul 120 Bilehaus Ave. Eatontown, N.J.

Ens. Vincent F. Meseroll, USNR 33 No. Smith Ave. Highland Park, N.J.

Ens. James M. Ryton USNR 2435 Norbert St. Flint Michigan

Ens. Lindsay Wolfe USNR 2216 Circle Hill Road Alexandria, Virginia

Ens. Herbert W. Wills USNR 4143 Lakewood Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Mary VauFile Cunningham (Mrs. Gerald A.) 232 South Ave. New Canaan, Conn.