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Mrs. S. Frankl Norfolk 25186 3636 Greystone Ave - Riverdale, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Simpson 624 Wallace St. York, Penna. York 64425

Mrs. R. P. Brown 115 N. Blue St. Walla Walla, Wash.

Mrs. T O Flynn 3008 Glenview St. Phila. Pa. Mayfair 235

Mary and Nora Haldron 417 Richmond St. Phila. Regent 4126

Mr. George W. Younker Jr. S2/c 1219 Wayne St. Allentown, Pa.

Mrs. A. LeViness Altamont R.D. 1 N.Y.

Mrs. Harry W. Machado Harry Niemeyer [aunt?] 3431 Indiana Ave St. Louis, Mo.

Wim. P. Marksten Bray Ave. E. Keansburg N.J.

Mrs. J. G. Evans 5929 Media St. W. Phila. Pa.