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To the honourable the speaker & members of the House of Delegates of the General Assembly of Virginia, the petition of William Trice of the County of Louisa respectfully represents that his son William Trice Jnr. of the state of South Carolina died intestate in the month of December 1806 without issue, whereby yr. [your] petitioner as heir at law became intitled [entitled] & received several slaves of which the said William Trice Jnr died possessed. The most of them the very slaves which were given by your petition to his said son & as part of the same family of negroes of which your petitioner is now possessed. Your petitioner further represents to your honourable body that in December 1807 his agents brought five of the said slaves from the state of South Carolina, into the county of Louisa & state of Virginia, but your petitioner avers that it should not have been done if he had