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Louisa County, to wit, This day Anderson Trice, of Lawful age, personally appeared before me James Poindexter one of the Commonwealths Justices of the peace for said County, and made oath that William Trice Jr. deceased, died in Richland District, South Carolina, where he resided; that he died on or about the month of December 1806. Intestate; and without leaving lawful issue ; that he was possessed of an Estate both real and personal. That William Trice Senr of the County of Louisa aforesaid, is father of the said William Trice Jr. dec.d and therefore became his lawful heir. that by virtue of a Power of attorney executed to him the said Anderson Trice & James Trice & Dabney Trice, they did receive at the division of the said Decedents Estate, between the widow of the said deceased and the said Wm. Trice Senr sundrey Negro slaves, to wit, Sambo, Tom, Jack, Isaac, Fanny, Jacob, Joe &[ Panky? Franky?] - a part which said slaves they brought to the state of Virginia to wit, Sambo, Tom, Jack, Isaac, & Fanny. Given under my hand this 15th day of Decr 1808. James Poindexter