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Harold Bjornes, Photograph, Undated {Image 4 of 4, List of names, addresses of WWII troops pictured in Photographs 1-3}

Pvt Eston H Brink 51 Fifth St Highlands N.J. Pvt Andrew H. Neurman 1816 Chapman Ave C. Cleveland, Ohio Cpl. M. Badini 65 Dilnis St. Phillipsburg, NJ Pvt. Thomas W Lynch Buck Horn Star Route Altoona, Pa. Waldiz Greenhaut 1617 Atlantic Ave Atlantic City, N.J. Pvt James Gallagher 556 Ave E Bayonne, NJ Pvt. Jos. J. McFarland 5262 Oakland St. Phila., Pa. Pvt Earl Francis 5 Southart St. Trenton, NJ Cpl; C W Arnold {?} Shirhang Dr Norwood, Ohio Russell S. McCartney 13 Rietor St. Woodbridge, N.J. Paul Manes 5 W. Pearl St. Burlington, N.J. Edwin Bliss 1818 Woodbine St B'klyn N.Y. Alfred A. D'Agostino 56-17 84th St Elmhurst, N.Y. Andy Hardy 87 Walnut St. Foxboro, Mass. Harold H. Hughes 140 Third Ave Mt Ephraine, N.J. LeRoy Price 7 E. Edgewater Ave. Pleasantville. N.J. Steve Birmingham 96 Buckley St. Liberty, N.Y.