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Virginia At a court of monthly sessions begun and held for Westmoreland County on Monday the 22nd day of September 1851. The court was then opened on a count of [ayer?] and [terminen?] for the trial of Harry a slave the property of Mrs. Elizabeth Starke charged with burglary. The prisoner was set to the bar in custody of the [tailor?] of the county, whereupon came the attorney for the Commonwealth and entered the following charge against the said prisoner, to [Illegible]: that he the said Harry, on the night of the 4th September 1851, in the county of Westmoreland feloniously and burglariously did break and enter the dwelling house of Henry Winkfield with intent the goods and [chatteds?] of the said Henry Winkfield then and there feloniously & burglariously to take steal and carry away, and then and there feloniously and burglariously did steal, take and carry away, one small trundle containing thirty dollars in Bank notes, several bonds and other valuable papers, the goods [chatteds?] of the said Winkfield in the said dwelling house, then and there being in the said county, and being arraigned of the said charge pleaded not guilty, and the court asigned Mr. N. Mason Esg. as counsel to defend the prisoner in this behalf, and having heard the evidence is of unanimously of opinion that the said slave Harry is guilty of the offence where with he stands charged, and it being demanded