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neer Glasgow, John Browlie his heyres and William Marshall merts in Glasgow, I ow nothing but a months boarding to Thom Harnison what Mr Goodrich can in reason for my feryage over ye river whilst I have been here and 3pp & 10d to Collo Hill. I hope ther shall be no need of this, But all things are uncertain, not doubting your care and fidelitie if need be, Recommends you to the protection of allmightie God and Remains Rd Sr Yr very humble and faithful servt whilst I am Cha: Hay Superscribed. To Mr. Charles Anderson parson of Westipher [Westover] in Charles Citty County in Virginia thes. endorsed thus on ye back therof

Tho [though] this have not all the formalities of a letter of Attorney yet it will the validitie in Law: take my friend Gilbert Hay your assistant and lett him have for his paines.

Gilbert Hay aged fortie years or there abouts depones That some smale time before the death of Mr Charles Hay I received the within written paper of the sd Mr. Hay (with thes words) Give this to Mr Charles Anderson and he and you are to take care of my affairs as by bills and books you will find. Accordingly ye depont dellivered the same and beleives it to be the writeing mentioned by Thom: Harnison and Tho: Simons further your depont sayeth not. Gil Hay Sworn in Court 7ber 16 1695 Test. James Minge Cl Cur. Ordered by ye Justices that this oath be recorded. JM Cl Cur.

Thomas Harnison aged fortie years or therabouts Thomas Simons aged thirtie years or therabouts The sd Harnison and Simons Swear some 3 or 4 dayes before the death of Mr Charles Hay decd. thes deponts with severall others desired him to make his will. to which the sd Hay replyed I have done it alredy by a writeing left with Mr Charles Anderson only the goods I recd of Mr Robinson I order to be sold by Gilbt Hay and the effects to be returned to Mr. Charles Anderson and further ye deponts say not. Sworn in Court 7ber 6 1695 Thomas T Harnison Thomas Simons Test James Minge CC Cur Ordered that this be recorded JM CCur

Mr Charles Hay being sick and weak but qualifyed (according to human apprehention [apprehension]) wth sence, did make answear to certain proposalls made relateing to his temporall affaires as foll. viz. It was asked Mr Cha: Hay what he would have done with Robinsons goods or the good recd from Robinson? And his answear was yt Gilbert Hay should dispose of them. It was further demanded of Mr Hay whether the sd Gilbert should render an accott to Mr Charles Anderson? and his reply was he should. Sworn in Court 7br 16 1695 Robt Blight Test James Minge Ordered that this be recorded Test JM Cl Cur Recorded

Memorand. On the back of a deed for a lot of land in Charles towne ( No. 62) dated Feb 5th 1681 made to Col. Edward Hill is thus endorsed.

For and in consideration of consanguinity &c. I do assign over to my son Edward Hill all my right title and interest of the within mentioned land to him and his heirs for ever as witness my hand and