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[page] 12 Apr 23d 1884 be misplaced, but be at hand to night to be acted upon, & demanded of Mr Binford why he did not have them. The Secty entered a protest, stating that Dr. Cherry had handed him the written report of the Com. & that he, Dr. Cherry, had taken them out of the Secretary's hands for revision, & presentation to the Camp - Mr. Binford the Secretary, considering the papers as the property of the Committee, as they had not been received by the Camp had relinquished the papers voluntarily. After some discussion by Messrs Stewart & Marshall, the Chairman Mr Stewart reported progress. On Motion it was ordered that the Secretary should procure the By Laws from Dr. Cherry & That the committee be respectfully requested to have the By-Laws prepared for report at the next meeting. Col Wm H Stewart chairman of the committee stated that he had attended all meetings of the Comm, & had worked faithfully on the By Laws, that his work was complete & full, & that he could be of no farther service, & offered his resignation as a member of the Committee. After a discussion