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To the Honourable the General Assembly of Virginia. The petition of John Keene a citizen of said State and now residing in the County of Fairfax humbly sheweth that your Petitioner Intermarried with Keturah a daughter of Hardage Lane late of the County of Montgomery and State of Maryland, that the said Hardage departed this life some time in the month of January 1803 Intestate leaving several children or their representatives a considerable Estate both real & Personal as well in Maryland as Virginia, which agreeable to the Laws of each State was to be equally divided amongst the whole of his Representatives. That some time after his Death Administration was taken on his Estate by his Eldest son Samuel Lane, and at the same time an Order was made by the Orphans Court of the said County Montgomery directing the aforesaid Administrator to sell the whole of his the said Hardage's Personal Estate altho' it was represented by the Distributees that they wished to have a Division of the Negroes in Kind, that the said Hardage Owed but little if any Money and that he had left in the House Tobacco and Cash to a considerable amount which with the Crops and the residue of his personal Estate would leave a large Surplus after the discharge of all Just Claims against his Estate the aforesaid Court refused to amend the Order in consequence of which Arbitrary if not Illegal Order the Administrator proceeded to sell the negroes at which Sale your Petitioner as well as others entitled to distribution attended where your Petitioner Purchased the following Slaves to Wit, Lot, Abb, Ann, Penny, Patience & Patty and soon after removed them to his lands in Virginia where he wished to employ them until he could with convenience remove his Family to the State of Kentuckey [Kentucky] where he has determined to settle but cannot do so until some time in the ensuing year that he kept them employed solely on his own Lands for Ten or Eleven Months when being advised by some Friends that doubts had arisen whether they would be considered as having been derived by Marriage he returned them to the State of Maryland not choosing to risk their continuance in this State Twelve Months altho' your Petitioner verily believes they ought to be considered as having been derived by Marriage for the following reasons to wit, That your Petitioner was entitled to distribution in consequence of his Intermarriage that the Order of the Court of Montgomery was Supposed by Counsel learned in the Law to be Illegal, Arbitrary, and Oppressive and it was expressly agreed between your Petitioner and the aforesaid Administrator that no money Should be paid for the said slaves but so much as the purchase amounted to should be deducted from your Petitioners distributive share of the Personal Estate your Petitioner begs leave further to state that he sustains very serious injury from the said Slaves remaining in the State of Maryland as they remain there entirely at his expence [expense] they being the most of them young and could be better supported under his Immediate care he [deems?] it proper likewise to State that those Slaves or their Parents were originally removed from this State by the said Hardage who formerly resided in Loudoun County[.] your Petitioner therefore humbly prays that your Honourable body will pass a Law authorising him to bring them back to Virginia and there keep them on his own Lands until he can conveniently remove them with his other Slaves and Family to Kentuckey and your Petitioner as in duty bound will Pray John Keene I do hereby certify that the foregoing Petition contains a true statement of facts. Saml Lane Adminr Hardage Lane Decd.