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LINN BANKS, Esq. Speakers of the House of Delegates. In the pursuance of the act of March 1836, I have the honour to submit to the general assembly, through you, the accompanying statement of the causes of the commonwealth in which it is my duty to appear as her counsel. Most respectfully, Your obedient servant, S.S. BAXTER, Att'y Gen'l. A. STATEMENT OF THE CAUSES in which it is the duty of the Attorney General to represent the Commonwealth in the Circuit Superior Court of the City of Richmond and County of Appeals, and the General Court.

Superior Court of Richmond and Henrico, on the Chancery side. Attorney General vs. Cottle and Reynolds.- A suit to subject the lands of Cottle, sheriff of Kanawha, and his sureties, to the payment of money due from him for collections made as sheriff. The process issued has not been executed.

Same vs. Riddle and others.- A suit against William Riddle, sheriff of Berkely, and his deputies, to recover militia fines of 1816. Process not served.

Same vs. Ricks.- A suit set aside conveyance of property made by George Winston, in fraud of the commonwealth's judgement against him. This cause is on the argument docket,and probably be tried at this term.

Same vs. Rhodes and others.- A suit to set aside a sale of the slaves of Mathew Rhodes, made under an execution of the commonwealth, and a conveyance of land made by Bernard to Leake. Bernard is dead and has no representative. The case is ready to the other parties.

Same vs. Irby.- To subject the land of Irby, sheriff of Charles City, to the payment of the judgement against him as sheriff. Process has not been executed on all parties.

Same vs. Fischer and others.- A suit to recover from Fisher and Lackland, inspectors of tobacco at the public warehouse, the balance due from them as inspectors. Ready for hearing as to all the parties except Fisher.

Same vs. Haines and others.- A suit against the sureties of W. Nall, who was sheriff of Rockingham in the year 1785, and failed to pay the revenue of that year. the cause is not ready for hearing. From the number of defendants I doubt whether they can be brought before the court.

Same vs. Manning.- A judgement was obtained against Ralph Pigot in Norfolk superior court, for an assault. Pigot conveyed his property to his family. The suit is to set aside the conveyance. All the parties are not yet before the court.

Same vs. Nicholas.- Suit against Nicholas, former clerk of Dinwiddie, to recover a balance of taxes due from him. The account has been referred to a commissioner, and no report has been made.

Same vs. Dryden.- A suit to recover money collected by Dryden, as clerk of Kanawha. This accounts were recommitted to a commissioner, and no report has been made.

Same vs. Jones.- To recover a debt due from defendant to commonwealth. Defendant is dead, and no representative known to me.

Same vs. Preston.- A suit against the representatives and sureties of the late Gen. John Preston. the debt due by bond has been settled. This a debt due to the literary fund not covered by his official bond. All his estate has been applied to discharge the commonwealth's claim, except some old bonds alleged to be due him. These bonds are now filed in the record. I do not know what to do with them.