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Lucys deed to Gaylor This indenture made this twenty fifth day of Jan'ry [January] in the yeare of our Lord One thousand sixx Hundred and ninty Eight between William Lucy of Charles City County Son and heir of Robert Lucy decd of the one parte and John Taylor of the sd County of the other parte Witneseth that if ye sd William Lucy for and in Consideration of the sum of four thousand pounds of tobaco to him in hand paid by the sd John Taylor at and before the sealing and delivery hereof the Rec'pt whereof the sd William Lucy doth hereby acknowledg and himselfe therewith fully satisfyed and paid and thereof and of every parte and Parcill thereof doth clearely acquitt exonerate and discharge ye sd John Taylor his heirs ex'rs and adm'rs for ever. Hath given, granted, aline, bargained, sold, enfeofed, and confirmed, and by these pr'sents doth fully, clearly and absolutely give, grant, aline, bargain, sell, enfeofe, and confirme, unto the sd John Taylor his heires and assignes for ever, all that tract, seate, devident, or percill of land scituate, lying, and being, on the south side of James River in Charles City County containing two hundred acres be the same more or less being parte of a certain tract or devident of land called sawtree lying on ye black water swamp n ye county aforesd containing one thousand acres granted unto ye sd Robert Lucy by patent bareing date the third day of Novem'r 1673 which sd two hundred acres are bounded as followeth (vizt) west on the black water swampe, north on a percill of eight hundred acres of ye same patent formerly convayed to Hubert Taylor decd by the sd Robert Lucy as by ye convayance dated the twentieth day of october 1674 may appeare east on a line of markt trees devideing the sd land from ye kings land, and south on a line of markt trees devideing it from the land of James Wallace decd, with all woods, underwoods, meadows, pastures, feedings, water, royalties, previledges, profits, and appurtenancies, to the same belonging or anywise appertaining. To save and to hold the sd land and premises granted bargained and sold, or mentioned to be herein or hereby granted bargained and sould, with their and every of their rights, members, and appurtenancies, unto the sd John Taylor his heirs and assignes for ever, and the sd William Lucy for him selfe his heires Ex'rs and Adm'rs the sd two hndred acres of land and singuler other premises before granted bargained and sould, with their appurtenancies unto ye John Taylor his heirs and assignes to ye only proper use and behoofe of the sd John Taylor his heirs and assignes forever, shall and will by these pr'sents forever warrant and defend In Witnes whereof the parties above sd have interchangeably put to their hands and seales the day and yeare first above written. William Lucy (Ls) Sealed and delivered In presnts of Ch. Anderson Eliz'a hir marke Smith Ruth Gartg waite Byran (BF marke) Farrells Charles Citty County Court } Ss At Westover the 24th of Aprill 1699 This deed above was acknowledged in open court