Poe: Uncover the Monster

Who is Edgar Poe?

He has battled crime alongside Batman. He has his own action figure and comic book. Poe has appeared in film, television, and other people's novels. His name has become inseparable from the revolutionary horror tales he wrote. Is this Poe purely the creation of popular culture, or is there something of the real Poe behind the reputation?

Poe Goes Pop

Poe has become an icon of American popular culture. Just as his literary works continue to be read and adapted into films and music, Poe's life also inspires today's writers, artists, and advertisers. Although the melancholy, tormented Poe of popular culture is as much a creation of the media as a representation of Poe's own life, it is fitting that he should appear as a fictional character in other authors' works, like the recent novels The Poe Shadow and The Pale Blue Eye or in the graphic novel Batman Nevermore, in which Poe joins forces with the superhero to battle evil.