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The Library of Virginia offers exhibitions that explore the commonwealth's social and cultural history. The exhibition program promotes interest in and use of the collections and services of the Library of Virginia. In addition to using materials from the Library's collections, the exhibitions also incorporate materials from the larger library and museum community. Online versions include key themes and artifacts from past exhibitions.

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Flora of Virginia highlights the botanical exploration of from colonial days through 2012's publication of Flora of Virginia, the first statewide flora published since the 1762 Flora Virginica by Johannes Gronovius. The 2012 book identifies nearly 3,200 plant species native to or naturalized in the commonwealth. Since the colonial period, Virginia's flora has been collected, described, and drawn. As a botanist uses language to describe plant, a botanical artist uses pen, ink, pencil, or watercolor to help the reader visualize a plant.

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The Library of Virginia maintains online versions of many of its past exhibitions that can be helpful when exploring topics on Virginia's history and culture. These pages include digital images of some collection materials, as well as notes on additional resources.

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We've organized our exhibitions into some topics of common research interest. So, if you're looking for exhibition material on African Americans, maps, women's history, or another subject, look here!