Maps of Hampton, Virginia Page.jpg

Title page for Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Hampton, Virginia, July 1910.

The majority of the events in Forsaken take place within a few blocks in the City of Hampton.  These Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Hampton from 1910 will help orient the reader to the location and proximity of the C&O Railroad Depot, the Belote’s home at 809 Washington Street, the Christian’s home at 324 Wine Street*, and George F. Fields’ home at 124 Wine Street.

*There is some confusion in the records about the Christians' address.  At the coroner’s inquest, Officer J.D. Hicks testifies it is 341 Wine Street.  At the trial, R.D. Hope states it is 324 Wine Street.  Other records support 324 Wine Street.  The family is residing there in the 1910 Federal Census.  It is also the address on Charlotte Christian’s death certificate in 1914.

These Sanborn maps show the areas of Hampton where most of the events of Forsaken taken place:  C&O Railroad Station, Ida Belote's home at 809 Washington Street, Virginia Christian's home at 324 Wine Street, George W. Fields residence at 124 Wine Street, the Elizabeth City Couty Courthouse, and St. John's Cemetery.