Belote Family

J.E.W. Belote Dies After Long Illness, Daily press (Newport News, Va. : Final ed.), June 7, 1911.

Ida Virginia Hobbs, the daughter of James and Harriette Hobbs, was born in March 1861 in North Carolina.  Hobbs married James Edward Wadsworth Belote (17 February 1846-6 June 1911) on 5 November 1879 in Northampton County, North Carolina.  By 1880 the Belotes moved to Virginia and started a family.  When James died on 6 June 1911 from throat cancer, in addition to their three daughters, the Belote’s had five grown sons, Luther N. Belote (25 September 1880-18 April 1952), William James Belote (born 24 February 1884), Bernard B. Belote (born 13 February 1886), Edward Linwood Belote (born 22 September 1887), and Paul W. Belote (10 July 1889-May 1969).  For additional information on the Belote sons see: Christman, Roger. "Souls of the Departed: Ida V. Belote." Out of the Box: Notes from the Archives @ The Library of Virginia. The Library of Virginia, 15 Aug. 2012. Web. 26 Feb. 2016.