Sarah Elizabeth Belote (1903-1984)

Delayed Birth Certificate for Sarah Elizabeth Belote (born April 14, 1903)

Sarah “Sadie” Elizabeth Belote, the daughter of James Edward Wadsworth and Ida Virginia Belote, was born on 14 April 1903 in Hampton, Virginia.  However, Sarah has two delayed birth certificates.  The first one, issued on 17 January 1942, lists her full name as Barbara Sarah Elizabeth Belote with a birth date of 14 April 1907.  The second certificate, issued on 16 November 1955, lists her name as Sarah Elizabeth Belote with a birth date of 14 April 1903.  Sadie testified at Virginia Christian’s trial that she was eight years old making the 1903 birth date correct.  After the death of her mother in March 1912, Lewter F. Hobbs, Ida’s brother, was appointed guardian of Sarah and her sister Mabel.  For reasons unknown, Sarah was sent to the Bonny Home for Girls, an orphanage in Norfolk where she was residing in 1920. Very little is known about her life after the death of her mother.  In January 1942, “Barb” was married to Alfred Noller (1899-1965) and resided in Hartford, Connecticut.  Alfred died 19 May 1965.  Barbara Noller married Fred Doxey on 15 February 1969.  Barbara B. Doxey died on 14 June 1984 in Connecticut.