Pauline Augusta Belote (1891-1971)

Divorce Record of Pauline A. Wright and George Wright, February 1, 1921.

Pauline Augusta Belote, the daughter of James Edward Wadsworth and Ida Virginia Belote, was born on 17 September 1891 in Hampton, Virginia.  Pauline married George Wright on 20 September 1909 in Newport News.  The Wrights divorced on 1 February 1921 due to adultery committed by George.  At the time of her divorce Pauline was living in Hartford, Connecticut, probably with her brother William Belote.  Sometime during the 1920s, Pauline married Pervie L. Hamill (1895-1970), an auto mechanic, and resided in Hartford.  Pervie died on 18 December 1970; Pauline died on 9 May 1971.