Mabel Harriet Belote (1898-1983)

Delayed Birth Certificate for Mabel Harriet Belote (born August 4, 1898)

Mabel Harriet Belote, the daughter of James Edward Wadsworth and Ida Virginia Belote, was born on 4 August 1898 in Hampton, Virginia.  After the death of her mother in March 1912, Lewter F. Hobbs, Ida’s brother, was appointed guardian of Mabel and her sister Sadie.  Mabel attended Maury High School in Norfolk from February 1913 until she graduated on 15 June 1916.  Mabel married Robert A. Marshall (born 17 January 1897 in Montague City, Massachusetts) on 29 November 1917 in Currituck, North Carolina.  Robert and Mabel were residing in Portsmouth in 1920; Robert worked as a fireman in the navy yard; Mabel was a stenographer in a railroad office.  The couple moved back to North Carolina and started a family.  Winifred Pauline Marshall was born on 25 October 1923 in Charlotte.  Carl B. Marshall was born on 1 July 1926 in Winston-Salem.  The Marshall’s marriage appears to have ended around 1930.  Mabel and the children were residing in a boarding house in Winston-Salem in 1930 while Robert worked as a truck driver in Charlotte.  By 1933 Mabel had remarried and was living with her new husband, Carl E. Bankson (1903-1979), in Port Arthur, Texas.  Carl was an engineer in the oil industry.  The family relocated to Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, by 1935.  Carl Bankson died on 27 January 1979; Mabel Bankson died on 7 April 1983.  They are both buried in Little Rock National Cemetery.